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It’s almost that time again. Start the shower…

OMG…*sobs even though I am done*





The #TIMEtitles Twitter response to Time Magazine’s in depth look at the term (“of endearment”), “bae” has me rollin’…



I need help I can’t breathe!

Ahaa I love it when this happens


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This is important to know. As we evolve, so does our external reality.

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The Promontory, Hyde Park’s newest high-end restaurant, is opening soon! 

Wow this looks amazing!


Just a painting of Jesus taking Michael Jackson to heaven (For a related post, click here http://christiannightmares.tumblr.com/post/20048775058/jesus-forgives-whitney-houston-in-heaven-found-at)

No no no no nooooooooo


dis rare

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We have a natural tendency to assume that a remarkable chemistry between two souls is confirmation that they are meant to be together. In the heat of profound feelings, it seems counter-intuitive to imagine ourselves separate from our beloved. But chemistry and longevity are not natural bedfellows. Just because we feel earth-shatteringly alive with someone doesn’t mean they are supposed to be our …life partner. They may have come for a very different reason - to awaken us, to expand us, to shatter us so wide open that we can never close again. Perhaps they were sent from afar to polish the rough diamond of your soul before vanishing into eternity. Perhaps they just came to give you new eyes. Better we surrender our expectations when the beloved comes. They may just be dropping in for a visit.
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Yeah was JUST flummoxing over this. Ooooh Universe, you got me.

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Yes! Yes! Yes! Yes!

On this day When Harry Met Sally turns 25. The main characters—Harry Burns and Sally Albright—met via the Reynolds Club ride board. How UChicago.

I’ll have what she’s having. ;-)

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California literally has more KKK organizations than any other state.

California literally had one of the biggest “murdered for being Black” stories in the country in Oscar Grant.

The Black Panthers were literally FOUNDED in fucking California. It had to be pretty freaking bad in Cali if…