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This song is so weird to me. It has Dan Tyminski from Alison Krauss and Union Station singing. I dig it a lot, though.

"…let’s make up for lost time…"

This song from 1992 seems highly appropriate in light of today’s hearings on gun control.

(via pitchfork)

As a society, we encourage girls and women to be emotionally accessible, and in touch with their feelings; we say that it’s an innately feminine trait. We say it, that is, until they have feelings that make us uncomfortable, at which point we recast them as melodramatic harpies, shrieking banshees, and basket cases
Tori Amos (via queerintersectional)

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The only CD I have purchased because I thought the guy was hot (the music was good, too, thankfully). #hipsterlooks #butnothipstermusic

We have existence and it’s all we share.



#NowPlaying (the most perfect EP from my most favorite singer-songwriter)